Insulation Support

Insulation Support for Fero Rap-Tie System. The Insulation Support is manufactured from polyethylene and is optionally used to secure the sheet insulation in place. The Insulation Support is inserted over the L-PIate and pressed up against the insulation sheathing, preventing the insulation from separating from the backup wall. The friction fit between the Insulation Support and the Slotted L-PIate provides for the support of the insulation sheathing during construction, while the resistance provided to the Insulation Support by the V-Tie™, ensures a reliable, durable structural insulation support system upon installation of the V-Tie™.

The Fero Slotted Rap-Tie System

The Slotted Rap-Tie System consists of a Slotted L-Plate, a V-Tie™ and an Insulation Support (optional).

The Rap-Tie can accommodate a range of insulation thickness of 0 to 102 mm (0 to 4"), and air space width of 25 mm (1") and greater. The L-Plate accommodates the thickness of the insulation and projects 18 mm (0.7") into the air space. The V-Tie™ is inserted in the appropriate hole in the L-Plate to run horizontally into the mortar joint of the brick veneer, with the legs of the V-Tie™ located at the centerline of the brick veneer.

Lateral loads applied to the brick veneer are transferred through the V-Tie™ to the Slotted L-Plate, which bears onto and is fastened to the structural backup wall, for attachment directly to the steel studs and on top of the protected drywall respectively. Note that “protected drywall” is defined by CSA Standard CAN3-A370 “Connectors for Masonry”, ACI/ASCE/TMS/518 and U.B.C.

The vertically orientated slot in the Slotted L-Plate through which the V-Tie™ is placed provides for 30 mm (1.2”) of construction adjustability and differential movement between the masonry veneer and the structural backup wall system.

Insulation Support

Slotted Rap-Tie Applications


Recommended Design Load and Deflections

Design Parameter Mounted Directly On Metal Stud Mounted On Top of Protected Drywall
Free Play (mm) (maximum) 1.04 mm (max) (0.041") 1.04 mm (max.) (0.041")

0.45 kN (100 lbs) Deflection (mm)

- free play not
- free play included (max)

0.63 (0.025")
1.67 (max.)
(0.066")0.63 (0.025")
1.67 (max.) (0.066")

0.66 (0.026")
1.7 (max.) (0.067")
Recommended Design Load (kN) 0.76 (171 lbs) 0.67 (150 lbs)
Recommended Design Load Deflection (mm)
(free play not included)
0.94 (0.037") 0.83 (0.033")
Maximum Recommended Spacing (mm) Horizontal 800 mm(32")Vertical 600 mm (24") Horizontal 800 mm (32")Vertical 600 mm (24")



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