Kerabond & Keralastic System

Kerabond/Keralastic System is a high-performance, two-part system: Keralastic™, a second-generation “flexible” acrylic latex additive, is used to enhance the performance of Kerabond™, which is a premium-grade dry-set mortar. This system has exceptional bond strength, flexural strength, elongation and freeze/thaw durability.
Product Information & Usage
With more than 20 years of success, the Kerabond/Keralastic System still is recognized as the benchmark for performance in the tile industry. The Kerabond/Keralastic System combines Keralastic™, a highly flexible acrylic latex admixture, with Kerabond™ premium dry-set mortar.
Features and Benefits
  • Outstanding impact, vibration, water-immersion and freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Fatigue resistance.
  • An ability to stretch with tile during substrate movements and extreme temperature changes.
  • Excellent balance between compressive, bond and flexural strengths.
  • When used as a system, Kerabond/Keralastic exceeds ANSI A118.4 and ANSI A118.11 requirements
  • The Kerabond/Keralastic System is recommended for long-term performance in the most demanding applications, such as exterior building facades, malls, airports, plazas, radiant-heated substrates, swimming pools and aquatic centers.
  • For interior and exterior installation of ceramic tile and natural stone over most approved substrates on floors, walls and ceilings
  • For setting most difficult-to-bond-to tiles, such as porcelain, glass mosaic, monocottura, quarry, paving brick, gauged slate, marble and granite
  • For residential, heavy commercial and most industrial applications
  • For installations in freeze/thaw environments and submerged conditions

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Kerabond is Available In

  • Grey 50 lb SKU# 06-5604
  • White 50 lb 
  • White 25 lb SKU# 06-5607

Keralastic is Available In

  • 7.56 L; SKU# 06-5610
  • 18.9 L; SKU# 06-5611


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