Mapei Mapelath. Synthetic-lath underlayment for ceramic, porcelain and natural-stone tiles. Mapelath is used as a substitute for traditional metal lath.
Product Information & Usage
Mapelath is a lightweight, noncorroding and alkali-resistant synthetic lath used to replace wire and metal lath and traditional underlayments that are heavier, thicker and more labor-intensive to install. Mapelath minimizes the overall finished height of the floor.

Features and Benefits

  • A lightweight, plastic lath system used in the preparation of wood substrates.Mapelath replaces traditional underlayments that are heavier, thicker and more labor intensive to install.
  • Mapelath is a thin, self firring, underlayment system that will substantially increase the floor rigidity and minimize the overall finished height of the floor.
  • Mapelath is stapled to the substrate, then tiled upon with the recommended MAPEI installation system.
  • Mapelath is non-corroding and alkaline resistant.


  • Substrate correction and underlayment system for tile and natural stone.
  • For horizontal interior applications
  • For use with most electric radiant-heated floor systems
  • For the installation of tile over properly prepared and approved existing vinyl flooring over substrates meeting criteria from chart below. Perimeter spread and cushioned vinyl are not acceptable flooring types.
  • Mapelath should only be used with Ultracontact mortar; Ultracontact
    RS rapid-set mortar; or Ultraplan 1 Plus, Ultraplan M20 Plus, Ultraplan
    Easy or Novoplan 2 self-leveling underlayments.
  • Not recommended for use in conditions subject to temperatures above60°C (150° F)
  • Mapelath is not designed as a Fire Wall system.
  • Mapelath can be wrapped around corners and up curbs by heating the plastic sufficiently with a hair dryer or heat gun.

See Technical Information for Installation Instructions and More Details.

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